amazing beach with stupid sluts who got dragged off the beach during the day because they were too drunk to function. And family fights, not a pretty sight.
person1- Hey have you been to silver beach?
person2- yeah some meghan girl got carried off the beach
person1- too drunk to function?
person2- how did you know?
person1- that is all they are there!
by heydood043 January 26, 2011
Top Definition
silver beach is a small town at the jersey shore. it's only 4 blocks but is filled with young hot girls who know how to party and really hot lifeguards. it boarders normandy beach and chadwick beach.
p1- yoo dude is there any parties tonight?
p2- lets got to silver beach theres always mad parties there.
pq- yeah man and hot chicks!
by surrounding beach goerr October 15, 2008
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