Quite possibly the weakest insult one can think of.
Be Quiet!......silly person
by Im lost in a July 31, 2005
Top Definition
Used to describe a class of black people that are loud, kool aid drinking, straw sipping, popeyes chicken eating, nacho cheese consuming, cell phone music blaring, shirt down to your knees wearing, movie talking, leprchaun hunting, public transportation dependant, excessively ghettofied black people.

Also used to describe a group of many sillies.
Look at all those silly people loitering aroung the ATM in the movie theater lobby.

Look at that group of sillies eating fried chicken.

"Detroit, Oakland, St.Louis, and Atlanta are the 4 silliest cities in America."

"did you see the silly on that bus?"
by Hank and Aaron and Skeeter November 26, 2007
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