A guy that never tries to get with hot chicks that are into him or a guy that does something stupid for no reason.
That Baby blank is a silly goose for not getting with that hot chick
by Tubleez December 23, 2008
A term programmed briefly by moderators of forum sites such as thedilly to replace any input of the pejorative "n***er" on a thread.
"He's my silly goose."
"Me and my silly geese."
by brumidi May 28, 2008
something that miley cyrus says when she's trying to be funny
ahah lilly you silly goose.
by potheadd 12 July 09, 2010
a yellow or pink marshmellow peep
On Easter, I had a whole box of silly gooses, and the sugar rush made me bounce off the walls
by 3X DDD December 07, 2003
a house in the desert made out of feathers with a pinch of salt
excuse me, butt do you happen to have some grey poupon?
by rusty shakleford January 26, 2003
Common Term for Chris Weisser. A no skills Counter Strike player who sucks cock in hell.
He sure is silly
Hey Silly Goose, I just raped your face with an auto shotgun :-)
by Ahab March 14, 2005
Homosexuals way of seducing young children
"o you silly goose"
by Tyrone Johnson June 30, 2003

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