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Common Term for Chris Weisser. A no skills Counter Strike player who sucks cock in hell.
He sure is silly
Hey Silly Goose, I just raped your face with an auto shotgun :-)
by Ahab March 14, 2005
42 146
When someone does something to make you giggle, you call them this.
Oh Jimmy, you're such a silly goose!
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
536 72
a person whos is and likes to be silly
Alice is a silly goose
by Connnor December 19, 2006
276 147
someone who is weird but cool. they make people laugh by being stupid, queuetsy, pyschotic, or perverted.
A:"we're all gonna die, eventually"
B:"you silly goose"
by emma+sam+vicky June 15, 2005
209 126
A term of endearment, as long as the two principals are straight.
Hey, mark, you really pranked me, you silly goose.
by LeopoldStotch911$$ December 27, 2009
100 65
It is a term people use when someone is being silly. It is normally said with affection to the person being silly. I have absolutely no idea why the saying mentions a goose. maybe because people see geese as being silly. Who knows?
Octavious: "I had seen an octopus fly a kite one day."

Kevin: "Octopus don't fly kites, you silly goose!"
by OpheliaRedRose May 08, 2013
18 6
A term of endearment a grown man says to his small child or a grown man says to another grown man only if he is secure in his own heterosexuality and absolutely certain beyond all doubt that the other grown man enjoys total confidence in his heterosexual orientation.
Oh, you're such a sillygoose, Rodney.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
16 10
A guy that never tries to get with hot chicks that are into him or a guy that does something stupid for no reason.
That Baby blank is a silly goose for not getting with that hot chick
by Tubleez December 23, 2008
26 84