The state of being drunk or high on any mind-controlling drug.
You don't remember last night? Dude, you were all types of silky.
by Mr. Penischlongonadick February 04, 2010
A person is not rolie polie, doesn't smell like beans, and isn't a pure cow.
Person 1: "You're too silky to handle yourself."
Person 2: "Got that right."
by Mara-la June 04, 2011
When bitches get all aroused. Usually from the musical stylings of Peter Frampton. Used as an off-hand term for sexually excited.
Man, Frampton really did come alive on this album." "You shoulda see when this came out. It got the girls all silky.
by MasOgam May 15, 2011
A pair of skin-tight silk track suit bottoms usually with 1 or 2 bold stripes running down each side. Common in area's such as Middlesborough or Flintshire etc.
" fuck me arrr kid, these silks are TOO fuckin tight, do ye wan em?"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
A term for mothers on forums who advocate child neglect such as CIO. They generally do no research on their own and follow the leader like a herd of sheep.
I let my son CIO after I gave him a bottle of processed milk with harmful chemicals because I am silky.
by Crunchy Mama April 18, 2010
A man who, despite being good looking, lacks masculinity. He is often found in trendy urban bars and dance clubs, wearing pastel button-up shirts. He almost always uses "product" to style his hair, and he can't drink for shit.
Dodge: "That guy sure can pull some tail. He's banged 4 different girls in the last week."

James: "Yeah, but he's a fucking silky."

Dodge: "True. Wanna take a shot of well whiskey?"

James: "Sure."
by Dizzy Bizz August 08, 2006
kyle carr, we named him that he shaves his legs and he doesn't swim
hey silky get over here
by kyle keesee45 February 23, 2005

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