A pair of skin-tight silk track suit bottoms usually with 1 or 2 bold stripes running down each side. Common in area's such as Middlesborough or Flintshire etc.
" fuck me arrr kid, these silks are TOO fuckin tight, do ye wan em?"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
Top Definition
smooth dude; one who always looks cool no matter what he does.
Lenny Kravitz is the silkiest motherfucker alive!
by anon March 27, 2005
Very cool, smooth. See silkalicious
Dude, that girl is soooo silky.
the epitomy of smoothness. applies to most situations as long as they are handled as pimplike and flawless as humanly possible.
average joe: that community service project was a bitch. i ended up working the night shift at a nursing home every day last week and i only got enough hours for a B grade

silky person: yeah I lied about adopting a street and got an A
by FTWest October 31, 2009
a pair of metallic gym shorts most likely to be used as pajamas.
all my boxers are dirty so I free balled in my silkies.
by DoodyDudeson March 10, 2011
Being a total god at foosball. Shooting with almost no power but straight into the net.
Silky has did it again! Look at that shot, it was so silk! Did someone notice how silky this shot was?
by smokyprodz April 13, 2011
To be fun and suggestively flirty or sexy. Silkiness is, like its textile namesake, a smooth and easy interaction that is sensual whilst still comfortable.
"That was some silky banter with that hot guy."


Friend A: "Did you get silky last night?"
Friend B: "nope, no action"
by silkatronic October 20, 2010
Pertaining to anything that's visually enjoyable or sounds good.
Mike Posner dresses and sounds silky AF.
by Seppe.Sheridan September 16, 2013
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