A man's ballsac shaved or waxed to be made hairless. Usually done to please a woman or another man.
He thought the silk purse would really turn me on, but I just thought it was weird.
by Wanda F. September 06, 2007
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n. The vaginal area as a result of seminal fluid having been deposited, upon sex.
"Made a silk purse out of m'lady's sow's ear the other day."

by Murph February 19, 2004
The act of pulling the scrotum skin overtop of the penis and nuts. Doing this correctly it should be shiny and resemble a silk purse.
TONY DANZA!!! silk purse
by ajmeeh6842 December 21, 2009
Silk Purse n. silk purs
1. A vacation destiny for the queer crowd.

2. A den of villainy and extreme drinking.

3. Game house that includes many activities such as: Hide the Hot Dog, Gatorade Down, and last but not least; Infamous Upper Tanker.
Check out that delicious homo stew at the silk purse.
by Mires January 12, 2004

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