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when you see a person having silicon to more than one place of his/her boddy or when you see many people together(a company) having plastic surgeries including silicon in their boddies,like their chests
oh man look those girls chests there...they look like silicon valley....
by louba September 21, 2007
3 24
south bay where there are a lot of high tech companies
Wow u work in Silicon Valley. U must be one rich programmer
by God October 28, 2003
171 52
a region in Northern California along the west shore of the San Francisco Bay, that stretches from San Jose to San Francisco, that is a major center for high-tech manufacturing and numerous web-based corporations. It has a high cost of living as a result and and is among the most expenesive regions in the United States to live.
Silicon Valley has a very liberal mindset with a diverse population
by krock1dk July 27, 2007
79 26
the Santa Clara Valley in California (from the computer companys located in the area)
Silicon valley has had a tremendous impact on modern technology.
by Light Joker May 31, 2007
45 8
Pamela anderson's cleavage.
this is actually an old stupid joke
by Gunkglumb May 24, 2005
54 21
Where is Silicon Valley? It's more of a state of mind: "Technology will somehow save the world (while making us rich)."
The mood of Silicon Valley swings from smug optimism to self-pity at every tech downturn.
by the escapee May 23, 2004
50 34
An extremely entertaining (and somewhat twisted) game for the Nintendo 64 in which you play a computer chip (that's right, a computer chip), that has to manipulate animals to live and to complete missions. For instance, you would have to jump inside a dog and bark around, rounding up sheep (which, when manipulated, were very weak and slow). You could play around 50 animals throughout the game, including a racing mouse that could reach speeds of 120 MPH, a hyena that laughed to kill its enemies and a polar bear army tank.
You've never played Silicon Valley?! Omigosh, you haven't lived! Actually...not many people have heard of it anyway. It's an amazing game. The world may never know.
by CyanideSara March 28, 2008
7 16
Ex 1- An area in Southern California where the computer industry is booming and where most computers are either made, though of, etc...

Ex 2- A girl with extremely fake tits. Examples are that ho' Wendy Williams, Tara Reid, Pamela Anderson before the "reduction", etc. The girl's surgery is so obvious that her skin wrinkles around the implants and they don't move when she's pogoing or jumping at all.
Ex. 1- Lets go to Silicon Valley to get a job in the high tech field!

Ex. 2-

Dude 1- Yo check out that piece of ass, shes got such a tight ass and a fucking huge rack.

Dude 2- Yeah if her rack was real. Don't go near her dude. She's a typical sillicon valley man. I bet she could power the whole fucking country's computer network. Plus they probably feel like boulders.

(while Tommy Lee sucks on the girl's nerps as onlookers watch in horror)
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
23 42