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a fart that is like a silent bomb but instead of an explosion its a smell trained to kill noses.
Husband: Honey the dog did the "silent but violent" again.
Wife:I'll get the gas masks.
by human hot dog,mmm hot dog... July 04, 2010
25 3
A fart that is smelt but not heard. Smellier than a standard fart because energy is not dissipated by the buttock-flapping sounds.
“Jeee-sus! Have you just let one off?”

”Yeah, sorry. Silent but violent.”
by King Kandy October 10, 2006
78 17
When one is able to fart quietly but still keep the awful aroma circulating.
John: Dude did you you just pull a silent but violent?

Mike: No, but I think it was Emily. She's had a hostory of them.
by jisherjally September 10, 2013
1 0
What a smell, what a smell.

What a mighty bad smell.
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
29 29