To say something seriously but mean it sarcastically. From the root word "psyche" but is spelled differently.
Dave is a registered independent... Sike! He's really a republican.
by Ittakesavillage September 28, 2005
It means 'only joking'.
Person 1: You're gey!
Person 2: :o :(
Person 1: SIKE
Person 2: What the hell does that mean??
Person 1: It means only joking.
Person 2: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm searching it on the Urban Dictionary.
Person 1: Omfg!!
by brewed-since-1992 April 26, 2006
(interjection) meaning "false!" or "just kidding!" Also see sie. Antonyms: See forsooth or sooth
Yo' mamma look like dumbo on speed, sike!
by Emilave January 15, 2003

1. to approach a woman, who looked beautiful from a distance, and quickly turn around upon noticing her looks up close
2. to approach a woman, who is beautiful, but upon noticing her 6'8 body builder boyfriend, turn around immediatly
Ex 1: "Damn Jimmy, I had to sike! She was beat."
Ex 2: "I siked once I saw her face."
Ex 3: "I saw noticed this dime walking in the mall so I approached her, but I had to sike because her big ass boyfriend was with her.
by Mista Bough May 06, 2006
1) sike is another word for "awesome!" or "sik/sick"
bob: omg, this computer game is sike!
paul: what does sike mean??
bob: awesome!
paul: thanks.
bob: no problem.
by zerbino June 20, 2006

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