a terrible person and you should never trust them. she will stab you in the heart with her pointy tiny tits. self-centered, horrible singer, acts like a little 2 year old, and never thinks about anyone but herself. she acts like the queen of everything and like shes the perfect girl when shes actually the complete opposite.
omg she is so mean! she must be a sierra.
by unicorn3000 January 01, 2015
A girl who doesn't know her head from her ass. Someone who thinks she's better than she actually is. Quite bitchy and slutty to be honest. OH! And stupid. Very stupid.
Did you hang out with Sierra? No but I fucked her.
by wittlewion June 17, 2014
Fat ugly chick who thinks she is popular when in all reality is the gossip of everyone. Rich and snood attitude. when she has a guy she is super clingy wont leave them alone. Horrible in bed. compared to that of a whale or pig and occasionally a cow.
She thinks shes so cool. She must be a sierra
by tmdrmt August 27, 2014
This girl is probably one of the sluttiest girls you will ever meet. She is also known as four fingers and the stretch marks around her mouth can be seen from a mile away. If you ever come across a sierra, run in the opposite direction because her big gaping vagina will try to suck you up. Sierra is a whore and for all who know one, i feel sorry for you. Sierras are normally nasty ass blondes who don't know when to stop. They normally have nasty ass blue eyes and tiny boobs. They think they are the shit but just like every other nasty ass ratchet hoe you know, they are nasty as fuck. They most likely have a blue waffle, aids, herpes, gonorrhea, scabies, public lice, syphilis, chlamydial, crabs or any other type of std that you can think of.
Guy 1: "Sierra is such a whore."
Guy 2: "I heard she has crabs."
Guy 1: "Figures, she sleeps with everyone. I would'nt doubt it if she got pregnant."
Guy 2: "But she's only 14."
Guy 1: "Exactly."
by satanlover69 November 14, 2013
A awesome girl who is kind of snobby but mostly sweet.
My best friend is a sierra
by Missprisssiss August 11, 2009
Sierra - A tall sexy ginger that rides a honda. What could be better?
by tommys girl January 27, 2011
1. A jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygenic purposes.

See also douche.
My vagina was infected so I bought a sierra to clean it out.
by Big sistawr July 03, 2011

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