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1. A jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygenic purposes.

See also douche.
My vagina was infected so I bought a sierra to clean it out.
by Big sistawr July 03, 2011
5 62
The worst person you will ever meet. Major bitch and always gets her way. Lies to your friends to turn them against you and make them hate you for no reason. She always gets what she wants and only sticks with her same drama clique since elementary through the rest of her lies. The rest are just followers cause there too scared that she will make their life hell too if they're not her friends. Also Sierra's talk about everyone behind there back even friends. And she tends to date the same people as her best friends.
sierra be careful who you screw
by Skye Blargenshnarf December 17, 2010
38 183
A Slovakian term for whale. This word is much used by the sailor of sail the coast of Pekjurbe. The "Sierra" whale is often a species that seems extremely friendly at first, but then fucks those sailors over when she gets close enough to eat their whole ship. Produces an extremely putrid sound, much like that of Miley Cyrus, only quieter.
BLIMEY! Look at that Sierra! It's huge! We better make a run for it
by HWATAREYOUSAYING October 03, 2009
74 233
the sweat and muddy goo you get in your Kroc shoez when your sweating out in the wilderness. when you run it usually is slippery and when you run ANCLE TWISTA mannnn.
yo dude i was campin with boyz scouts playing tag with the mother squirrels and i looked in my sweaty Krockz shoes and i was like EWW some sierra up in this mother squirrel had to powerwash it thats how much sierra was caked in it.
by josh retepopo perry preteen March 13, 2009
57 253
Someone who hates you, yet still adds you on facebook. She posts every aspect of her life on facebook that you never wanted to know. When you comment on them, she screams at you and tells you to stop stalking her and stop being a creeper. And to top it all off, she comments on everything you do and expects you to be nice even though her comments suck and are generally mean.
Person 1 "Stop! Don't comment on that picture!
Person 2 "Why not?"
Person 1 "A Sierra posted that."
Person 2 *Gasp!*
by akridkiller February 17, 2009
88 301
Def. 1.-'action verb' sierring, sierred
When you have sex with a girl and you come in the butt and it comes back out because she farted.

Def. 2.-person noun- Sierra
General name of hot girls, sometimes blonde.

I cant stand it when a girl sierras on me.

Yeah, Sirra is small, but she have lots of badonkadonk for a white girl.-
Badonkadonk, see butt.
by Alex Hatch November 07, 2006
92 342