a rlly nice friend. wud suport u on anything. she is a rlly sexy person. she hates school mostly math. shes tall, skinny and is a dirty blonde. u cud trust her wit ur life and she will kno wat to do wit it. she loves bein wit friends any time she gets a chance. she will never cheat or use a guy.
i wish i was sierra. and i also wish i had a freind like her!!!!
by smexy lexi August 25, 2011
a athletic girl who loves to be chill , she will be there when you need her . some people may hate her because there jelous . Sierra has real beautiful eyes and a nice body . any guy will be lucky to have her , but watch out she takes thing personal
"sierra has some fine ass eyes but her body though"
by love game April 26, 2014
A girl who has Good Vibes. She thinks she's super ugly but actually really pretty. She can sometimes have really bad depression but hide it really well. They have a past that no one really knows. They have really good taste in fashion, but have a different style then most. Most people like her. If guys like her they'll keep it a secret and reject that they do. She also doesn't think she can sing but people tell her other wise. She stands up for what she believes in and defends people. They have a smile that lights up the room and really pretty eyes. She doesn't date a lot. If she likes you its obvious. She can get made fun of sometimes. If she has a problem she isn't going to tell anyone. At party's she's the life of it. She loves to dance.
Guy 1: Damn, who's that dancing other there.
Guy 2: Idk but I bet its a Sierra.

Guy 1: You're probably right. I mean look at her.
by GoodVibePerson December 28, 2014
Sierra is the type of girl who makes you smile she has brown eyes and dark brown hair that is braided she loves her boyfriend Johnny to death and will do anything for him she can be shy and not know what to say at times she isn't that good at math but is very smart generally in any other subject she can get pretty naughty at times and can be a turn on or tease but stays true to her lover she will never lie and always tell you if something's wrong she loves playing video games and have fun so if you have you have a Sierra you should defiantly hold on to her
Keep Sierra close to you because she's worth it
by personthatdoesntmatter123 December 01, 2013
Bryan's Girl
damn shese hot that must be Sierra
by Cafebosh November 27, 2014
Sierra is usually a short blonde girl who is spastic and fun to be around. She thinks she is ugly, but she is usually the prettiest girl around. She is very active; she loves basketball, softball, bowling, ect. She has a low self-esteem. She gets mad easily but is the first to forgive. She is an all around great person.
Look at that girl!

Oh, she's a Sierra! (:
by Aryan14 January 08, 2011
Girl with a big ass, big boobs, dimples
Man I need me a Sierra, she's perfect love her ass
by Dis chick April 09, 2015

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