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Sierras are one of the kind! They like to game on an xbox or ps3 and will always be competitive towards it! Sierra's have awesome butts and awesome bodies! A lot are blondies but there are some brunettes too! They are as cute as a peach and as sexy as a model! Sierras are super smart and super kind! They care for others and will always stick up for themselves and others if they need it! Sierras are innocent inside and out. They are very athletic and are undefeatable at almost all sports! They can sing a little and are musicians! They play some sort of instrument and are awesome at it! Sierras may not have a very high self-esteem since they don't believe they are attractive when in reality they are beyond it! Sierras love it when boys say "awwwwe", laugh, sing to them, bite their lower lip, are funny, and tease them quite a bit! If you had had a Sierra in your grasp, well, you should've kept her since she's as rare as anything! Try to give them compliments if you want to see their dazzling smiles! Sierras will always compliment you back and will be grateful for the compliment! Sierras try to love everyone and realize everyone has their kinks! They are confident fun loving girls that will always have their loved one's backs!
Man, Sierras got the full package, great body, sweet as candy, as sexy as a Lamborghini, and as funny as a clown!

Guy: I'm tired of all of these fake girls!

Person: What you need is a Sierra!
by NachoLibre_Lover October 25, 2013
a athletic girl who loves to be chill , she will be there when you need her . some people may hate her because there jelous . Sierra has real beautiful eyes and a nice body . any guy will be lucky to have her , but watch out she takes thing personal
"sierra has some fine ass eyes but her body though"
by love game April 26, 2014
Sierra is the type of girl who makes you smile she has brown eyes and dark brown hair that is braided she loves her boyfriend Johnny to death and will do anything for him she can be shy and not know what to say at times she isn't that good at math but is very smart generally in any other subject she can get pretty naughty at times and can be a turn on or tease but stays true to her lover she will never lie and always tell you if something's wrong she loves playing video games and have fun so if you have you have a Sierra you should defiantly hold on to her
Keep Sierra close to you because she's worth it
by personthatdoesntmatter123 December 01, 2013
A girl who doesn't know her head from her ass. Someone who thinks she's better than she actually is. Quite bitchy and slutty to be honest. OH! And stupid. Very stupid.
Did you hang out with Sierra? No but I fucked her.
by wittlewion June 17, 2014
Sierra is usually a short blonde girl who is spastic and fun to be around. She thinks she is ugly, but she is usually the prettiest girl around. She is very active; she loves basketball, softball, bowling, ect. She has a low self-esteem. She gets mad easily but is the first to forgive. She is an all around great person.
Look at that girl!

Oh, she's a Sierra! (:
by Aryan14 January 08, 2011
This girl is probably one of the sluttiest girls you will ever meet. She is also known as four fingers and the stretch marks around her mouth can be seen from a mile away. If you ever come across a sierra, run in the opposite direction because her big gaping vagina will try to suck you up. Sierra is a whore and for all who know one, i feel sorry for you. Sierras are normally nasty ass blondes who don't know when to stop. They normally have nasty ass blue eyes and tiny boobs. They think they are the shit but just like every other nasty ass ratchet hoe you know, they are nasty as fuck. They most likely have a blue waffle, aids, herpes, gonorrhea, scabies, public lice, syphilis, chlamydial, crabs or any other type of std that you can think of.
Guy 1: "Sierra is such a whore."
Guy 2: "I heard she has crabs."
Guy 1: "Figures, she sleeps with everyone. I would'nt doubt it if she got pregnant."
Guy 2: "But she's only 14."
Guy 1: "Exactly."
by satanlover69 November 14, 2013
A awesome girl who is kind of snobby but mostly sweet.
My best friend is a sierra
by Missprisssiss August 11, 2009