A girl who's a breath of fresh air. She's care-free and doesn't let what other people say affect her. You'll always have fun with her and you won't want to be without her. She has a great sense of humor and she's weird but she's herself. Your jokes can always make her smile and she'll always stick up for you. She loves great music and appreciates a man with talent. Get with a Sierra and you'll never regret it.
Perosn 1- "Last night I saw a girl throwing water balloons at passing cars."

Person 2- "Must've been Sierra."
by dfjasgv5794 May 28, 2011
Sierra is the bestest friend anyone could EVER have! shes beautiful even tho she may not believe it. Shes hillarious and always has a joke to tell :) shes like my sister and i love her soooo much!
Sierra is my best friend ever :)
by sexyyangelforeva<3 March 15, 2011
a hottie with a body that loves to party. she especially likes to hook it up with the nice latino boys of southern cal. and she definately knows how to work what shes got in them jeans.
"wow that girl is such a good bellydancer"
"she is so sierra"
by sssmmm January 04, 2007
The sexiest chick around, nice tits and and a hot ass. Knows how to work what she's got in them jeans ;) the best girlfriend ever. If you get a chance to fuck her, don't think twice she knows how to make your bed rock. The life of the party, especially when she's tipsy. Always lives life to the fullest and has a great time. Knows how to make the best of any situations. All the guys have the hots for her, and is a great best friend. If you ever get a chance to ride that pussy, your own lucky guy.
Bob: Shit, she's hot.
Joe: I know, I get a boner just thinking about her.
Bob: She must be Sierra.
by jason337 September 24, 2011
Considered a turn on, or a tease.
she is definitely a Sierra :)
by domomomo May 29, 2011
is a amazing person. very funny and sweet.she's shy but soon you git to know her she be outgoing.she hates math but tries hard.she's a very sexy person.she's the bee's nees.she'll allways be friends with you and doesn't cause drama. she loves her family and friends alot. she loves sports and art. she very good at art.she loves all kind of music,but not jazz or no singing in it. she loves both country and pop. she thinks she isn't preety but she realy is. not allot of boys like her but if they do they keep it pirivet.
your a sierra
by coolyo12 November 26, 2011
best experience of your LIFE!
and also the best hall you could ever dorm in
man! theres so much sierra love in this room!!
by sierralove July 30, 2007

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