Sierra is an awesome girl who is always there for her friends. She is freaking gorgeous, and all the guys secretly want her. She doesn't care for relationships, but if she does open up to you, you better never let her go because you'll never find another like her. Her ex's usually regret letting her go, and constantly try to become friends with her again. She's extremely athletic and is good at pretty much all the sports and has an amazing body. Her legs or her butt are usually her best feature. She loves going out with her girls and having a good time. Sierra's can be shy at first, but get to know her and you're guaranteed to have a great time when you're with her. Sierra's are extremely smart, with their strong subject being either history or math. Sierra's stand up for what they believe in, and aren't afraid to fight for their beliefs. Sierra's are amazing girls, that everyone wants to be friends with. As they should.
I know, Sierra is my best friend! Everyone is friends with her..
by Asirsvsgeofn July 27, 2011
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Fine ass Woman with an incredible body.
I need to get some Sierra.
by Sierra taster August 11, 2007
sierra is an athletic girl who is self concious about her body when in reality its atractive. she feels ugly because no man likes her but as she matures in life she will be very popular with the boys. sierra loves to have fun but can get very tired and mean. sierra hates school especially math, but she just tries her hardest but it doesnt pay off in the end. sierra is still looking for her best friend in life and wants to live with the person she loves the most.
sierra is a great friend and the best girlfriend you will ever have
by gateway too love April 07, 2009
A sexy, Sweet, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Loving girl that is known as the best dancer and a ride or die kind of girl. Its impossible not to love her or want her she irresistible! If she gives you the chance too win her heart defiantly keep it and don't ruin it. Sierra will put up with a lot but one day will get up and leave out of the blue so watch out. If you are left by a Sierra it WILL be the biggest mistake and you WILL realize it. Sierra's are gorgeous inside and out. They have the best body and a great Butt(; Sierra has the greatest advice and the most amazing heart. Sierra is real and most of the time NEVER fake she knows how to stick up for her self and the people she loves. Beware if you don't think she's gorgeous then you'll fall for her personality. If a Sierra is hated its over jealousy.
Ex: damn that girl must be a Sierra she has it all and she's sweet

Ex: Kevin: im tired of all theses fake hoe's and all their games.

Brandon: What you need is a Sierra
by aye get it February 17, 2011
a cute, tall, pretty girl whose fun and the best girlfreind ever and usally a bitch as well
yo sierra i love her
by you don`t know my 22 January 03, 2008
she is a great friend who is always there when you need her. she likes to have fun and is very outgoing. you are guaranteed a great time when you're with her. she can sometimes be shy depending on the person but over all she is a great friend but can be a tad bitchy if things dont go right. if you are a bitch to her she'll be a bitch to you. so watch out.
you are a sierra and thats what i like about you.
by sexyymama09 November 21, 2009
An amazing girl, people are lucky to be friends with her.
Sierra is so amazing!
by isarsi January 30, 2009
Someone who always gets what she wants. She is always right and always wins. She is one you can count on. She is so easy to get along with and she's really pretty. You will always have the best time with her no matter the situation. She can keep all the secrets you have and always falls for the wrong person. She is definetely bestfriend material.
person 1- dude, that's my best friend.
person 2- that must be sierra then.
by piss_excellence June 01, 2009
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