the best singer ever. usally has brown eyes. is the most beatiful person to walk gods earth.
me: sienna is so beatiful.
friend: got that right.
by lemur2334 January 17, 2009
Top Definition
a color frequently used for crayons or the name of the hottiest hottie in all of hottiedom.
pass me the burnt sienna crayon or that girl looks like sienna they r so hott!
by coolest girl ever June 20, 2006
1. A beautiful, classy girl. Artistic, passionate--a go getter. Deep emotionally with an amazing capacity to love and be loved. Very talented and everyone's best friend. A natural mother and nurturer. Girls want to be her, Guys want to marry her.

2. The color of chocolate mixed with caramel. Darker in the summer (Burnt Sienna) and cooler in the winter (Raw Sienna)

3. A beautiful woman of color...or with a tan!
" Sienna is so great! I can't wait for my mom to meet her! "

" Your eyes are are beautiful shade of raw sienna... "

" She is like a nubian princess!--at total 'Sienna!' "
by Burnt Amber February 02, 2010
A beautiful and stunning person inside and out. Has a great smile and incredibly funny, and very sweet! She shows compassion and is caring! She is athletic and easy going! But is loved by all :!
Sienna is the blond girl of my dreams :P
by Mattie_for_Sienna August 26, 2012
A sweetheart on the inside, but can be very loud and boisterous. Wants love badly, so gets with boys whoo then turn her down afterwards. Likes to change her hair color often, and laughs at a lot. Loves to be friendly, but usually puts out the wrong impression and is judged to easily. Give her a chance, and you could have a bestfriend for life.
Me: Wow, Sienna's a very complicated person.
Friend: Yeah, but she's different.
by annynonomous June 13, 2012
the best singer ever! usally as brown eyes. the most bueatifulest person to walk gods earth!
ME:sienna is so buetiful
FRIEND:got that right.
by lemur2353 January 17, 2009
- A special clay containing iron and manganese oxides, used for painting.

- An earthy substance, brownish-gold when raw and orange or reddish-brown when burnt.

- The color cocoa

- Siena, Italian city.

- Sienna is an earth pigment found to be used in cave paintings.
Her eyes were sienna colored.

" Look at that girl Sienna."

"She's so down to earth... get it? Down to earth? lol... "

" Man... you're an idiot."
by limonite clay November 18, 2009
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