resembling a fascist rally. Where the people cheer at every stupid thing the speaker says.
I went to see Senator Krupt at the campus grounds and the crowd just obediently stared, waved their hands in the air and cheered at every fucking thing he said. They were eating it all up. The atmosphere was so sieg heil.
by Moonlight Moderate June 18, 2006
an expression said from stupid people to even more fucked in the ass guys. usually nazis

The same as the greeting Heil Hitler
Nazis: Heil Hitler, mein Führer!!
Hitler: Sieg Heil! Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten.
Nazis: Heil Hitler, mein Führer!!
Hitler: Es ist Zeit zu säubern!!
Nazis: Heil Hitler, mein Führer!!
by Emu Lgator January 16, 2005

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