Female name meaning "of the stars" in Latin. Also means Cider in Spanish.
I know a girl named Sidra
by drake41 May 03, 2010
Top Definition
Enlightened and intelligent; inspiring.
Bright, clear and brilliant
by sidra October 31, 2003
An amazing and pretty girl. A Sidra is usually a fun, pretty girl who likes to stay in touch with her creative side. She is a little bit of a tomboy, but can also be pretty girly when she feels like it. She's not afraid to get what she wants and is often blunt about her opinions. Any girl named Sidra is sure to be a great friend.
-Sidra? What are you doing?
-Killing ants with a powerhose. What does it look like?
by thatpersonyou'llnevermeet March 13, 2013
spanish for cider also another word for man whore and garilla
sidra's such a sidra or i love to drink sidra
by kyliec June 16, 2008
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