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Someone who is very drunk is said to be sideways
You'd be fine if you hadn't gotten so sideways last night.
by Dorian Black February 27, 2005
84 142
a:to usurp a lay friend from one of your friends
b:the act of this usurping
c:sam klug
"man sam is so sideways, he just sidled up between that dude and his girl nd started dancing"
by Mr. S. April 27, 2004
3 71
The condition you might find yourself in after consuming copious amounts of an adult beverage and taking a handfull of Zanax.
Look at poor Mike. Yup, he's sideways again!
by darby January 25, 2004
19 87
Adj. To get into a state of rage or extreme distress.
I ate the last ding-dong and my sister went sideways on me.
by Time Waster November 13, 2002
14 82
A word, when put in front of any word makes it funny
Dude1:Sideways Vagina
by The Rob McCormick March 10, 2008
9 78
To leave. Usually the scene of a crime.
My nines on my side going both ways...peel a niggas cap and then I'm sideways.
by STL_Kris December 17, 2007
15 84
The act of getting ones automobile to drift.
Man did you see that! he got the fattest sideways around that bend!!
by Jeremy Martin April 10, 2005
55 128
An Osar-nominated dramedy with Paul Giamatti. It's a road movie with humor and heart. It's a must-see and it's one of the best offerings of 2004 and the best independent feature to come out, also.
Let Thomas Haden Church take him his Oscar!!
by Kyle February 21, 2005
40 119