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When something is REALLY wicked, or extra good.
One: Man check this out, this sandwhich was only 90p...
Two: MINT! That is Sick Tits
by John Smithzzzzz July 06, 2006
When one or both of the female's breasts are feeling under the weather, thus resulting in violent projectile regurgitation via the nipple hole.
"Excuse me teacher... Can I please go to the bathroom? I think I have sick tits."

"Hey, why is her shirt all wet?"

"Oh, she has sick tits."
by Narrated by Morgan Freeman January 20, 2015
Usually an interjection, used when something goes ones way.
Guy #1: I just got laid 14 times in a row.

Guy #2: Sick Tits!
by Bill Tregen March 15, 2010
It can basically mean both good or bad depending on the way you use it. it's like saying gay if it's "bad" without using that word. Or if your friend has a new game or hot shirt from a band with it's signature can be called "sicktits".
It was basically made when someone slurred the words "sicko" and "attitude" together.
Dude that fucking shirt is so Sicktits!
WTF that's Sicktits!
by ohmyjessus July 23, 2010
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