from the island of sicily , a mixter of african ,greek , egyption , and italian . altho italia owns the little island the sicilian is not considered italian the facial features of the sicilian more resemble that of african , also curly hair that look like a jerry curl, and can grow an afro on the chin (the chin fro). the sicilians look a lot like the egyptions. ( very few sicilians have blond hair but they do exist usualy having siblings with dark curly hair) . the racial slangs for a sicilian are , nigger, guinee, wop, the sicilian is well known for the mafia, pasta , and pizza
to call a sicilian italian or white is the biggest insult and will result in a fight.
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
Italians from the island of Sicily. Sicilians do not consider themselves Italians, but a separate subculture. The people of mainland Italy, and the rest of the world as a whole, consider Sicilians the trash of Europe. The men of Sicily are full of bravado but are, in actuality, pussies. They preen and fuss over their appearance like self-indulgent teenage girls, all the while avoiding anything remotely resembling manual labor. The women of Sicily are not much better, as they sprout hair all over their bodies at about the age of 25 (see mustache and back hair). Unfortunately, no one has explained to the Sicilians how worthless they are and they continue to wrongly believe they are sexy and virile.

When visiting Sicily, do not carry anything of value as it will probably be stolen by a gang or lone individual carrying a weapon. They will not attack unless guaranteed to succeed through overwhelming numbers or firearms. And do not count on any help from the police since they are criminals as well. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A SICILIAN MALE! Any woman who does so will be used as a punching bag or ticket out of the slum before being unceremoniously dumped.
Female Tourist: "Help, I'm being robbed!"
Sicilian Male: "Once I finish looking in the mirror and adjusting my sunglasses I'll be sure to run away as fast as I can."
by guineahater November 25, 2013
Sicilians arenomadic Moore's from North Africa that crossed the Mediterreanean and settled upn the once Greek island now known as Sicily. Sicilians are different from Italians and are evident in their physicial features. Sicilians have darker skin tone, thicker lips, more flared nostrils and curlier hair.

You should never call an Italian a Sicilian because that is an insult.

Sicilians are more closely related to North Africans then they are to main land Italians.
No he's not Italian. He's a Sicilian like those brothers in the projects.
by Frank Brunetti October 28, 2004
The shithole of Italy; poor, rural, and covered in mafia crime. The people refuse to cooperate with police which perpetuates the shittiness. Due to this shittiness, many left to go to America and spawned a class of Sicilian-Americans (very different from Italian-Americans) that slander the good name of Italian-American
Mafia and those guidos with popped collars and gelled hair are not Italian-American, they are usually Sicilian-American.
by napolitano March 14, 2008

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