People who hail from the Mediterranean island of Sicily, which today belongs to Italy. Sicilians have a very diverse cultural heritage which is more than just merely Italian, hence the distinction that some often make between Sicilians and Italians. In addition to Italian ancestry/cultural influence, Sicilians also have Greek, Phoenician, Arab, Norman, French, and Spanish ancestry/cultural influences.

As such, Sicilians are arguably ethnically distinct from Italians, despite the fact that Sicily is part of Italy and its people are nowadays Italian-speaking Catholics. Due to the heavier Greek ancestry and also the presence of Phoenician/Arab ancestry, Sicilians are known for being somewhat darker than most other Italians, and have more pronounced Mediterranean facial features (i.e. fuller lips, thicker eyebrows, larger noses, etc.). However, Sicilians may also have blond/red hair, light eyes, and fair skin courtesy of Norman, French, or northern Italian ancestors. Still other Sicilians look like an average Italian (brown hair/hazel eyes and "Roman" features).

Although most Sicilians today speak standard Italian, the traditional Sicilian language was considered by linguists to be different enough from standard Italian to be its own Romance language, albeit with Greek, Arab, French, Spanish, and other influences due to the many conquerors/settlers that arrived in Sicily.
1st guy: Al Pacino is probably the greatest Italian-American actor of all time. And that Maria Grazia Cucinotta model chick is soo hot!!

2nd guy: No they're really not Italians actually, but Sicilians. For the record, Joe DiMaggio was also Sicilian-American.
by sicilian-american dude October 18, 2009
sicily is an island of awesome mixed cultures.the cultures include imigration over thousands of years from northern europe...french italy spain portugal tunisia libya
sicilians are awesome
by im sorry May 27, 2007
Sicilians are of a mixed culture from fifferent people of the mediterranean. We are different from Italians. I always correct people. We are spicier and zestier than italians. Yes, we do have plenty of attitude (talkin to me?) We are very passionate about EVERYTHING we do; making love, eating, drinking, family, sports, the arts. We are also super loyal and dedicated to our real friends. Most Sicilian men I have known like women with the qualities of their mother, but with the opposite looking features (lighter).
For instance Sicilians eat voraciously, but work out the same way to burn it off. Regarding love making, I only wish to please my redheaded wife first!
by dmf_6874 April 01, 2008
A person from the island of Sicily, or a person whose ancestors came from Sicily. Although the Italian language became the official language of Sicily, Sicilians still speak Sicilian (Sicilianu, not Siciliano) amongst their friends and families.

Sicily is famous for its folk music, food, culture, crime, dark features, and sexy women (and we guys are lady magnets too).

Sicily has been colonized by many different peoples over the past 5000 years. Both white and black, as well as Arab, Greek, French, and Spanish have took over the island. Sicilians are generally dark skinned and have dark features because the dark genes seem to always take over the light genes.

Some of us Sicilians are offended when people say they have negro genes, but I'm ok with that. Proof that we have negro genes is that Sicily has a high rate of sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease only affects blacks or people with black ancestors. If you look at a sickle cell disease distribution map, the only places where sickle cell is present is Africa, USA, parts of the Middle East, Brazil, some Caribbean islands, and Sicily (and some of south Italy).
Sicilian folk song (that young Vito Corleone sings on Ellis Island):

Avia nu sciacarreddu
Ma veru sapuritu
A mia mi l'amazzari
Poveru sceccu miu.
by MisterNewYorker June 21, 2011
Someone from Sicily. Our language is different from that of mainland, so we are not "Italian". Sicilian people are Mediterranean, but not all of us have black hair and olive skin, though the majority do. We love our families and value them above anything else. In the words of Vito Corleone, a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. Oh, also, we are not all in the Mafia.
I am half Sicilian. My brother is half Sicilian. We both have dark green eyes, white skin, and light brown and dark blonde hair respectively. Also, neither of us are affiliated in any way with the Mafia.
by tehki December 01, 2010
A people coming from the Italian island region of Sicily. Many Sicilian-AMERICANS claim to be different and "better" than other Italians without actually having any evidence to back it up. Sicily was historically part of the same kingdoms of the rest of southern Italy and the Roman Empire, and was not the only Italian region to have been invaded by a large number of peoples and to have absorbed their cultures. Italy was cut up into many kingdoms before unification, and thus each region has their own distinct culture which they put before a united Italian culture. They ARE Italian.
“To have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all..."-Goethe

"Someone from the southern island of Sicily would first be Siciliano, then Italian. A Fiorentino from the central region of Tuscany would sooner declare allegiance to la Toscana than he would to a Calabrese...who in turn would distinguish himself from a Milanese."-Gabrielle Euvino

"For some reason Sicilians think that the Mafia makes them a separate culture from the rest of Italy. They must not know about the Calabrese 'Ndrangheta, the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia, and the Camorra in Naples (which, incidentally, is older than the Sicilian Mafia)."

"Yeah, Sicilians have their own language. So do Neapolitans, Venetians, and almost every other kind of Italian."
by Angelo Beviliacqua July 30, 2009
a.k.a. the niggers of europe. no theyre not black, but they are nothing like northern europeans either. i lived in sicily till i was 25. when i was 26 me and my wife went on a weekend trip to germany, and we were shocked by the look of these people, they had these pale sharp mean faces and pin straight blonde hair.
Sicilians... ~Rudy Giuliani~Al Pacino~Joe DiMaggio~

yea yea, when u compare them to Todd Zucker, they dont seem so white do they???
by di palémmu February 27, 2005

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