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from the island of sicily , a mixter of african ,greek , egyption , and italian . altho italia owns the little island the sicilian is not considered italian the facial features of the sicilian more resemble that of african , also curly hair that look like a jerry curl, and can grow an afro on the chin (the chin fro). the sicilians look a lot like the egyptions. ( very few sicilians have blond hair but they do exist usualy having siblings with dark curly hair) . the racial slangs for a sicilian are , nigger, guinee, wop, the sicilian is well known for the mafia, pasta , and pizza
to call a sicilian italian or white is the biggest insult and will result in a fight.
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
By far the sexiest men in the world -- dark brown wavy hair, deep warm brown eyes, solid build, and true romantics. Their culture is rich, and they have strong family values. Find a good one, and you will be satisfied forever.
The most virile men are Sicilian men, who are gorgeous both inside and out.

(This coming from a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Norwegian girl!)
by l_Kristin_l June 01, 2005
Not an Italian. There is a difference.
If I'm from Sicily, I'm Sicilian, not Italian. C'mon people, it's not that fuckin hard.
by q-mas February 10, 2005
The island south of italy and north of africa with the greatest culture in the world.
The examples are endless, look it up on google or something.
by La-Casa- October 26, 2004
n. A native or inhabitant of Sicily.
adj. Of or pertaining to Sicily or its inhabitants
A Sicilian swam from Sicily to Calabria.

I'd like a Sicilian pie, please.
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
Contrary to popular opinion, NOT all Sicilians are dark, so by saying, and I quote,
"they have features like dark curly hair, thick eyebrows and lips, and olive colored skin. Anyone from a place in the Mediteranean sea shoud have those features"
YOU ARE WRONG and you have obviously never spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean or in Sicily because most Sicilians are a mix, as the island was conquered by many different types of people. There are plenty of blond, blue and light Sicilians, just as many as black and dark and curly. Minchia!
Chi talii, sugnu sicula! What are you lookin at, I'm Sicilian!
by SofiaSicula December 02, 2007
Person from Sicily. Person with an Italian last name and features like dark curly hair, thick eyebrows and lips, and olive colored skin. Anyone from a place in the Mediteranean sea shoud have those features, includes people from Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Albania, and Mali, they all look alike.
Look at that beautiful girl, she must be Sicilian.
by Stabros Eliganis October 08, 2004
Don't mess, they'll kill your ass. The toughest and most bad ass men, the hottest chicks. Def the best Italians which is really saying alot.
Sicilian girl's got the best moves, but I wouldn't mess with their fams
by reppin201 March 30, 2008