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Hard working beautiful strong amazing woman, mother of 3, very spiritual full of love. Sexy as hell and looks half her age!
Sicilia is having knee surgery tomorrow :(
by nanaillnana February 04, 2010
The most amazing girlfriend in the world, shy at times but always worth the wait. Is always the prettiest girl in the room even if she doesn't know it. She's gorgeous in every single way and can always brighten every ones day. And if you're ever meet her think yourself lucky.
'Sicilia's looks amazingly, beautiful today'
by man scared of horses April 19, 2013
A gorgeous, beautiful, angel of a girl that can make you smile by just being present. She's always smiled even though sometimes in a bad situation. She never lies and has always kept her promises to particular people. And although some weeks are hectic she still makes them bearable. And for all these reasons any guy would be lucky to have this girl not just because she won't lie to you or be mean but because she is the most amazingly brilliant beautiful funny trueful loving sexy trustworthy girl in the world and for all those reasons and many many more she will always be my number one for 6 months and much longer xxx <3<3<3
I love sicilia whole heartedly and undeniably xxx
by 3 legs better then 2 ;) October 02, 2013

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