Sibilance is the sound someone makes when saying words that make the tongue push air through the front of the teeth, such as "zip" "jeep" "ship" and "chip". It can also refer to the non-word sounds that someone would make when getting someone's attention ("Ssst!") or telling one to be quiet ("shhhh!").
The sibilance in her voice is very pronounced.
by joe blows snow ho September 10, 2013
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The noise a queef makes.
As I went down on your mom, a soft sibilance escaped her vaginal cavity, wetly spattering me across me cheeks. So I slapped the bitch.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters September 17, 2003
A word used to test microphones.
Check, check 1. Check, check 2, sibilance, siblilance.
by Cath0de August 24, 2003

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