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Sibak is a Filipino word which literally means chop, hack or slice. It is also an idiomatic expression used by Doj Roxas to denote the forceful thrusting of the penis into the vagina or to put it simply, a hard fuck.
“I don’t want any commitments, sibak lang!”
by graphic design bandit June 16, 2009


1. A sudden termination of employment,
2. To remove ruthlessly or suddenly.
Muchachos : Ipinatawag niyo raw po kami kamahalan? Ano po ba ang maipaglilingkod namin?

Bourgeoisie : Yes. I just wanted to inform you that we decided not to continue the LA business here in Muchacho Land.

Muchacho 1: Ano daw?

Muchacho 2 : Gago! sibak na tayong lahat!
by graphic design bandit June 17, 2009
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