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Not shy or nasty. Sneaky or decietful in their motives. A person who plots and manipulates others to get what they want. Someone that will do almost anything to get what they want.
I better lock my car since there are alot of shystie people in this neighborhood.
by honesty2love December 22, 2006
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A person who is cheap, greedy, and/or selfish with what they have.
LISA - Can I get some gum?
DIANE - Hell No!
LISA - You soo damn shystie.
by LaLoka October 20, 2005
trifflin'; fucked up
fuck that boy, he shystie as hell
by Baby D. October 06, 2004
someone who's suspicious of something or acting weird for no reason. another word for creeper
Andrew is acting all shystie
by leo gonzalez April 27, 2010
Someone who is fucked up, a douche bag, annoying, a cock blocker, a slut, a dick, a bitch, selfish, greedy, judgemental, ect...
Stephanie: Oh my God did you hear about what Nicole did with Justin?
Lacey: She prolly fucked him, that bitch is fucking shystie!
by SamJames November 28, 2005
getting real f'ed up.
Will: Damn look at that slut Dorothy, she is so drunk.
Lincoln: For sure, she's getting shystie wit it.
by mite September 10, 2006
A harsh insult.
Ur such a shystie
by Shane and Ade June 24, 2004

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