(N.) Males who are too bashful to urine in the urinal so go in the stalls to Number One instead.
"If you wanna go Shyguys, the stall is over there." Bathroom attendant in The Hot Chick.
by G-Union November 26, 2003
Top Definition
A man who instead of using an open urinal to pee in, goes into the stall. This man would not have to do anything other than #1.
There was an open urinal between to large black men; I decided to go shy guy.
by humania August 22, 2007
A masked dude that wears a robe in the Super Mario games. First appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) in 1988.
"The best way to stop a Shy-Guy is with an overweight plumber."
by Dave May 17, 2004
Problematic mask-wearing character in the Mario universe. Not particularly dangerous but can kill if ignored.
Damn, I can't believe I was killed by Shyguy!
by Paytheline November 19, 2007
A very cool guy, the coolest guy on the internet. Smart, sophisticated and devistatingly attractive to women and all around nice guy.
Alpha Male
by shyguy December 08, 2003
an extremely shy man discovered years ago waiting for food. shy guy is a weekly classic at kanesa, sporting his dark suit in the body of an undersized offensive lineman. shy guy is also well known for his signature move, the nudging of his eye glasses. he may always be found in the corners of rooms, slowly and passively finding his way to the food tables for wafers, flat sodas, and other left overs. there have been rare shy guy sitings in the streets and in other public areas.
naderi- excuse me shy guy, would u like to throw an egg?
shy guy- nononono
by shy guy fan October 18, 2007
horny ass white boy tryina be like me!
shyguy wants to be like shygirl
by ShyGurl June 20, 2004
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