The worst way to live. A shy person has no confidence, and feels like it's impossible to say anything to anyone that they don't know. A shy person is never approached, perhaps because people think they are uninterested or feel that they are better than everyone else. conversations are awkward, friendships are not often maintained. The world seems too big for a shy person. They feel as if they don't belong anywhere. Trust me, I would know.
person 1: "That girl that sits behind you in English class is like mute."

person 2: "Aww don't say that...she's really nice. You should talk to her."

person 1: "Really? Maybe I will....

Shy girl: *smiles*
by trust me... October 23, 2009
A word attributed to few Americans, those of which who are considered weird, odd, or different, and are often ridiculed for it, etc. (if you're a guy), or those of which who are considered funny, hot, cute, smart, beautiful, etc. (if you're a girl), or very rarely, vice versa. Most people, mainly girls make fun of shy guys and praise shy girls, which, IMO, is the stupidest fucking shit I've ever seen.
It's said that shyness is the single biggest turn-off for girls. If you're unfortunate enough to be a guy who happens to be shy, well... I can't help but feel sorry for ya. It's funny how judgmental and mean some people can be, and how fucking pathetic it is that you're automatically labeled as shy even if you aren't really shy at all. For all we know, that guy could just be tired or busy, or maybe he just doesn't give a shit, or maybe it's just that guy refuses to speak with any of the obnoxious assholes who can't keep their mouths shut for five fucking seconds, or, just maybe, that guy wants to be different from all the other fucking low-life, loud-mouthed, obnoxious bastards who just can't keep their fucking dicks in their pants and whose single fucking goal in life is to fuck every single girl they see.
To put it rather simply, if you don't talk much, don't have many friends, walk alone everywhere, study a lot, don't get outside of the house that often, are made fun of a lot, are "different" from most guys, are smart, etc., you're shy.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy right there. He doesn't say much. He just sits there and reads."

Girl 2: "Oh, him? He's just shy."

Girl 1: "Well, I think he's weird."

Girl 2: "Actually, he's very friendly once you get to know him. He's smart and funny, and very helpful, too. You should go talk to him."

Girl 1: "Huh, maybe I will."
*I am NOT gonna talk to him.*
by ShyGuySaysHi August 24, 2010
By far, the worst possible trait for any male interested in any kind of intimate relationship with females. It is worse than incompetence, obnoxiousness, ugliness, and no sense of humor - combined.
Girl 1: What is up with that shy guy? He doesn't talk to anyone...

Girl 2: Yeah, obviously he has problems. What a weirdo.

Girl 3: Why are you guys so quick to judge? Do all people have to be the same? Maybe he's got something else to offer than just sex and cars. He could be a good guy, for all we know, but nobody knows because we don't talk to him.

Girl 2: *Gasp* I think that guy with the Ferrari is checking me out!

Girl 1: Oh my God, he is!

Girl 2: How do I look?!

Girl 3: *Sigh*

by A shy man March 08, 2009
Undo to popular belief, a turn-on for a lot of girls, especially the small town kind.
Girl 1: Did you see that guy. He was totally looking at you and blushing.
Girl 2: Oh, he's shy? How cute.
by eliteninja12 January 31, 2010
SHY means Street's Hottest Yungin'
" Broo , that jawn prolly the shy on this block. "
" Fo' real bro . She fine as hell . "
by Trill Shortii July 02, 2016
To put money on the street as a loan and collect points on the backside or "earn."
I need to get my shy back now that my book making biz is in the toilet.
by billbaroo November 21, 2008
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