A word attributed to few Americans, those of which who are considered weird, odd, or different, and are often ridiculed for it, etc. (if you're a guy), or those of which who are considered funny, hot, cute, smart, beautiful, etc. (if you're a girl), or very rarely, vice versa. Most people, mainly girls make fun of shy guys and praise shy girls, which, IMO, is the stupidest fucking shit I've ever seen.
It's said that shyness is the single biggest turn-off for girls. If you're unfortunate enough to be a guy who happens to be shy, well... I can't help but feel sorry for ya. It's funny how judgmental and mean some people can be, and how fucking pathetic it is that you're automatically labeled as shy even if you aren't really shy at all. For all we know, that guy could just be tired or busy, or maybe he just doesn't give a shit, or maybe it's just that guy refuses to speak with any of the obnoxious assholes who can't keep their mouths shut for five fucking seconds, or, just maybe, that guy wants to be different from all the other fucking low-life, loud-mouthed, obnoxious bastards who just can't keep their fucking dicks in their pants and whose single fucking goal in life is to fuck every single girl they see.
To put it rather simply, if you don't talk much, don't have many friends, walk alone everywhere, study a lot, don't get outside of the house that often, are made fun of a lot, are "different" from most guys, are smart, etc., you're shy.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy right there. He doesn't say much. He just sits there and reads."

Girl 2: "Oh, him? He's just shy."

Girl 1: "Well, I think he's weird."

Girl 2: "Actually, he's very friendly once you get to know him. He's smart and funny, and very helpful, too. You should go talk to him."

Girl 1: "Huh, maybe I will."
*I am NOT gonna talk to him.*
by ShyGuySaysHi August 24, 2010
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trait to like 1.2 % of Americans. If your shy in anyway you are considered an alien from outerspace, which is really fucking ridiculous since the trends of current America would make anyone shy. Most people in this country are loud and overly extroverted. Girls are too hard on shy guys. Girls shouldn't care if a guy is shy. When a girl is shy it's cool and when a guy is shy it's considered really uncool that's dumb as shit.
Joe: Hey Jack how come you don't have a girlfriend?
Jack: I'm too shy the girls don't like me
Joe: just be a loud cocky person who is overconfident and who listens to bad music and socialize with the dumbest people that'll get you girls dude.
by the kid from San Francisco June 22, 2006
something teenage girls consider to be the weirdest and most awful trait given to males. but apparently, many males find it to be attractive when a girl is timid and shy. so let's get things straight... when a girl is shy, she is considered hot and cute; but when a guy is shy (even at the least) he is automatically labelled as the most boring and weirdest person to walk the earth. girls really shouldn't ridicule guys for being shy, nor should they give a shit. funny how judgemental people can be, for instance, how if one guy is just a little bit quiet, that makes him automatically shy, which is pretty fucking idiotic because that guy may be just in deep thought, tired, uninterested, or does not bother to communicate with people who cannot keep their mouths shut for 2 fucking seconds. it's pretty official that girls seem to like guys who are extroverted/loud assholes who can't seem to keep their dicks down and fuck everyone in sight. to be honest, shyness in general is not an uncommon trait.. but whereas america which holds a good general 98 percentage of loud, obnoxious, and extroverted fat bastards. moral is that if your voice cannot be heard within 30-40 feet, you keep your mouth closed for at least 5 seconds, you stay home alone for a certain amount of hours, you walk by yourself in hallways, you are considered shy. "it's barbaric, but hey, it's home!"
hey beavis... shyness is gay.. uh huh huh uh huh huh

harhar yea butthead.. it's pretty gay allright arhar har ehehehehe
by bobbhfh April 12, 2008
What the majority of people call you if you are smart enough not to got out every night of the week filling yourself up with alcohol, listening to others peoples mind-numbing conversations about popular culture and then vomiting it all back up on your bathroom floor.
What?He doesn't like going to pubs, drinking until he doesn't no what he is doing and then vomiting blood?Oh, he must be shy.
by Hello its M D August 16, 2008
A social trait that, while a turn-on to guys(shy girls are cute), is arguably the single biggest turn-OFF to girls.

So big a turn-off to women of this day and age is shyness that, if you get shy while talking to them, they'll soon be ridiculing you mercilessly for it with their friends.
To be shy is one of the biggest burdens that can befall a member of the male gender
by shadowdemon March 29, 2005
Getting nervous easily around new people, especially those of your sexual preference. And although many people will claim blushing is a part of shyness too, this is not always the case. Many guys find this attractive in girls, although shy guys have a reputation for being ridiculed by girls.
That person is shy, and usually backs away from meeting new people.

Ethan: So Max, are you going to ask Kelsey to the dance?
Max: Nah, I'm too shy.
Ethan: Come on, man, girls don't like shy guys, just be outgoing instead and it'll be easy!
Max: ... It's much easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk.
by MrCuddles September 10, 2006
a trait that is incredibly sexy in guys, and girls think is a huge turn on.
A: OMG, i met this really cute waiter! but he was so shy!
S: wow, he was shy? that is SO hot.
by Sarah and Aoife March 20, 2007
A person(mainly aimed at guys)who has trouble communicating with new people, the opposite sex, outgoing people, and those they find attractive. Can be an attractive trait of a female yet an appalling trait of a male. Often judged as a loser, weirdo, no-life, boring, loner, etc. and when a person gets to know a shy person they can actually be quite cool, interesting, helpful, and understanding. Also, usually smarter and cooler than the loud ass guys running around trying to act "cool".
Girl #1: Why don't you ask the shy kid out?
Girl #2: Heck no! He seems like a loser and boring, probably just sits at home.
Girl #1: You kidding? That shy kids into camping, cars, paintball, sports, and likes chillin in the yard or in the car at night under the stars.
Girl #2: Oh really? I could talk to him...
by PackersFTW April 02, 2009

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