What the majority of people call you if you are smart enough not to got out every night of the week filling yourself up with alcohol, listening to others peoples mind-numbing conversations about popular culture and then vomiting it all back up on your bathroom floor.
What?He doesn't like going to pubs, drinking until he doesn't no what he is doing and then vomiting blood?Oh, he must be shy.
by Hello its M D August 16, 2008
socially anxious, socially isolated, have low self-esteem, no self-confidence when self-interest is involved.
He's a great and outgoing actor on stage! But so shy when out of character at parties.

You're so shy!
by Matsi October 18, 2004
Not giving as much money as expected.
"Yo, bitch! You shy a couple 'o bucks!
Fork ova another twenty!"
by person yo-yo April 18, 2004
sneaky behaviour
when someone uses stealth and cunning to steal something from right under your nose they are being "shy"

eg:- borrowing a lighter and then pocketing it after you use it
"dont be shy"-if you suspect shy behaviour

"shyboy" - a person that you know is a thieving little shit!
by the weasel king September 22, 2007
Specail Ed. uncool. nerd. weirdo.
"ew did you see that guy over there?"
"yeah he was so shy"
by Aleia March 06, 2008
(1)Someone who shows weird behavior.
(2) a weirdo, sicko freak, or a creepy person
(3) someone who isn't "all" there.
"Hey did you see that guy behind you in line?"
"Oh god, yeah he was SOO shy"
by Aleia March 07, 2008
A male who almost shits and pisses there pants at the same time when either talking to girls, giving a speech, meeting somone new, ect. Shy people ussually talk to themselves more than they talk to other people. They occupy most of their time by sleeping, watching t.v, and pulling dick.
1."Dude that kid is so shy, he doesnt talk to anyone, what a pussy"!
by edwin123 April 11, 2007
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