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A girl who is bi, but very shy about it. She won't make a move unless she's 100% sure that the other girl likes her too. Being with other girls intimidates her and makes her nervous, but she can't deny that she's really turned on by it. When another bi girl approaches her, she'll shrink away a bit and act all scared in an extremely cute and attractive way.
Shy bi, thinking: "Oh, she looks so sweet, I wish I could kiss her . . . but I'm too scared to go up to her."

Other girl comes up to her: "Hey cutie, wanna go to a movie sometime? Just to let you know, I'm bi, and I hope that's okay."

Shy bi: "Um, yeah. Me too. I mean, it's okay that you're bi, I'm bi too, and I want to go to the movie with you." *starts blushing.*
by bitangerine October 31, 2010

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