something that is sweet and kick ass
buttered toast
by blade March 10, 2003
Top Definition
sweet and sick put together for the unltimate word
dooood that was shwick
by seth burns June 09, 2007
A nickname for Bushwick, a neighborhood in the northern part of Brooklyn, New York
I'm an artist. I'm moving to Shwick.
by weracsirhc November 18, 2014
An adjective describing an acrobatic movement that someone pulls off totally by accident.
Holy fudge Dan, you did a backflip right off my bunkbed. That was Shwick.
by nathenalexdan September 08, 2008
the sound it makes when you slit her throat right after gettin down to it.
after the road head she got the shwick.
by APMoney August 10, 2007
The name of a market in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.
I'm moving to Shwick
by weracsirhc November 18, 2014

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