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A pronunciation of "What", popularized by Group X: Arabian Rap Sensations.
"Little kaid come out and he say to me, 'Shwhat?'"
by Hewitt McGrill June 29, 2004
30 9
A random thing you say at random times.
When someone mis-pronounces the word "what?" and says it with a "sh" in front of it. Cuz they're stupid.
"hey what was the science homewo-" "SHWHAT"

"Now lets us all have a moment of peace."........."schwat"..........
by lpsevere November 10, 2010
4 0
The coolest way to say "what?" Began in Woodbury, Minnesota! Jaynell and Kaitlin are the fattest and enjoyed using it. tee hee
Shwhat is this?!
by Kaitlin May 06, 2003
7 14
The word shwhat is used in place of \"what\" when using it to question something, or have a verbal question mark afterwards. Urban history scholars reveal this word originated in Boone, North Carolina with the creation of the all popular \"E-Unit.\"
Shwhat are you talking about?


Shwhat?! Shwhat?!
by Apple-Sauce Leader April 26, 2005
1 9