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A pronunciation of "What", popularized by Group X: Arabian Rap Sensations.
"Little kaid come out and he say to me, 'Shwhat?'"
by Hewitt McGrill June 29, 2004
A random thing you say at random times.
When someone mis-pronounces the word "what?" and says it with a "sh" in front of it. Cuz they're stupid.
"hey what was the science homewo-" "SHWHAT"

"Now lets us all have a moment of peace."........."schwat"..........
by lpsevere November 10, 2010
The coolest way to say "what?" Began in Woodbury, Minnesota! Jaynell and Kaitlin are the fattest and enjoyed using it. tee hee
Shwhat is this?!
by Kaitlin May 06, 2003
The word shwhat is used in place of \"what\" when using it to question something, or have a verbal question mark afterwards. Urban history scholars reveal this word originated in Boone, North Carolina with the creation of the all popular \"E-Unit.\"
Shwhat are you talking about?


Shwhat?! Shwhat?!
by Apple-Sauce Leader April 26, 2005