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1. An imperative phrase used to give praise or approval to another person. Often punctuated by a finger snap or, alternatively, the vowel can be drawn out to express greater consequence. Analogous to: “What you have just said or done is very impressive.”

2. A phonetic contraction of "she better work."

Syn: work, you better work

See also: you better
Rom: i better get paid bank for shooting that wedding!

Johnathon: shwerk, bitch!
by ETERNIA January 12, 2005
Bitch work
adamlambert: X-tina's WooHoo is hot! I'm dancing while driving! Shwerk!

adamlambert: Tweeting at stop light... Of course. Bitch Work= SHWERK! Thanks @brianfriedman and @IamCarmit for stickin that in my head!
#bitch work #adam lambert #wertch #twitter #brian friedman #iamcarmit
by juliaxxrawr May 28, 2010
verb (used without object)

A proposed devolutionary stage of Twerking wherein the object is to gyrate until the feces flops up out of one's anus and onto the small of the back, similar to a pancake in a frying pan; associated with the conjectured devolution of dance into public displays of defecation and/or "monkey-sex," associated with the decline of Hip Hop and the dumbing down of America.

Related forms,

Gerund: Shwerking, Slang Gerund: Shwerkin,'
Yo, Suzzette just shwerked a stank-steak up onto her stamp-tramp.
#shwerking #late hip hop #dumbmerica #dat ass #pooback #white trash mudslide
by zaezl November 15, 2013
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