First heard in The Batman Beyond cartoon when someone looked in one of those picture change things of swimsuit girls. It is a universal word, much like your mom.

1. swear word: You goddam shwaying shway!

2. pleasure: Oh yes, shway that shway hole

3. congratulations: Shway, man

etc, etc, so on and so forth
I gave examples of shway in the definition. God Shway it!
by AcousticEmo December 27, 2008
Top Definition
cool - first heard used in "Batman Beyond" cartoon
The batmobile is so shway - not.
by Bruce not Wayne January 18, 2004
Expression of mild pleasure or congratulations. It is generally used as a reaction to either a statement or an event of some sort. As this is a word of mild pleasure it is general deemed inappropriate for statement at orgasm. It is also, sometimes used as an understatement when congratulating one on something if used in a sarcastic tone, especially if the event being congratulated is disadventageous or unpleasant to the user. (not intended for use as an adjective)

Historically, it is widely believed to have originated on the television show, Batman Beyond. However, some believe that it is merely a word that naturally forms under certain circumstances in all English-speaking cultures. Many people have found themselves asked where they heard the word, but have no idea where, and have not even seen Batman Beyond at all. Some even believe that the word "shway" is capable of attaining wide usage in english-speaking cultures that have never had contact with the outside world, given enough time. General these people are considered to be insane by the scientific community. Even more shunned are the extreme minority who believe that "shway" is not a word at all, but the name of a non-corpreal entity that is desperately seeking recognition through the manipulation of the minds of the human species.
Correct usage:
"Dude, I just found twenty bucks on the walk up to the loft!"
Other correct usage:
"I figured you might want some too, so I bought an extra twelve-pack."
Incorrect usage:
That was shway..."
Other incorrect usage:
"Oh my god! I'm about to.... Shway!"
by D351 January 24, 2007
slang expresion, presumably abb. form of "that's way ____". means cool, neat, ok, can also be used as a confirmative interjection as in:
"hey, i bought that new PC game today"
"i think my mom's boyfriend is beating her up..."
"you're not listening to me, are you?"
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
A word meaning cool, neat, awesome, etc.
that car is so shway
by asdfjgkasdf July 27, 2005
corruption of the Chinese word for water, 水, pinyin: shuǐ ; describing something that is admirable; as cool as liquid; lithe; fluid.
Notice the how shuǐ (shway) and yet bold the curves in the metal are.

The water is shuǐ (shway).

That person is shuǐ (shway).
by pavel05 July 08, 2013
Ultra-, super-, fantastically-cool!
"(Insert Person's name), you are so shway!"
by Nadiiine April 27, 2007
Anything that is jaw droppingly cool. Words cannot explain the passions behind its true meaning.
Clark: Dude, I went to the sickest concert last night.

Dick: That's shway.
by R.O.D. May 15, 2006
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