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the water that comes from the taps in oshawa, ontario, canada
Don't drink the shwater- caution inc.
by warrfull June 12, 2006
water that someone has took a dump in, either as a prank, sexual act, or to be ingested as a hallucinogenic. Once ingested users often see unicorns with aviators and Kanye West, users also will experience euphoric feelings and will start mumbling about technicolor penguins trying to sell them screwdrivers, chainsaws, or other power tools.
Gorge "Dude can I have some water"

Bill "Shure just make shure that u water fall it"

Gorge "Thank yo- hey whats that!"

Bill "Dude did you just make shwater!!!!"
by ☢Burning Turtles☢ April 20, 2010
Can be out in past tense as shwatered. Refers to a person who is taking a shit and the fecal matter that is in exocytosis of the rectum is 90% H20 (water) 10% unknown material (shit).
How you feeling buddy?

Oh man im feeling great!


I just shwatered!
by Titanium Balls December 31, 2013
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