To take a shit and masterbate at the same time.
"hey, I'm bored, and I've got to take a shit. I guess I could just go shwank and kill two birds with one stone"
#masterbate #wank #wack off #shit #poop
by Parnell Street Bum December 07, 2007
Top Definition
A shwank is the very precise art of having a shit and a wank at the same time such that you come at both ends at the same time causing you to pass out.

Also known as schwank.
Julian was found in a such a mess on the toilet. He must have had a Shwank
#shit #wank #schwank #shitwank #crank
by Jizz_Staines April 01, 2008
to simultanously hang a shit and to wank (masterbate).
fuck yeah do it all the time,lowers your chance of getting prostate cancer by fifty percent,yeah fuck yeah shwanking is the way to go!
by Browning Smears November 15, 2003
another meaning for "sweet" positive notation
Wow! That is shwank!
by Blythe October 29, 2004
Another word for cool.
Dude: Bruh your shoes are so shwank.
Dude 2: Thanks bruh
#shwank #cool #bruh #dude #cooler
by funu555 September 27, 2014
A object that is the cross between a sword and a shank.
1. She used her shwank to kill the alien because it was small enough to hide.
#shwank #shank #sword #dagger #knife #prison shank
by noobinator12 November 23, 2010
The act of masterbation whilst in the shower.
Shwank, shwanking.
Wanking in the shower
Tom: Hey Lewy, you look really refreshed today!
Lewy: Yeah man, just had a shwank, felt so good.
Will: Wtf is a shwank bro?
Lewy: When you have a wank in the shower!
Will: Mad!
#wank #shower wank #wank in the shower #masterbation #shwank #shwanking
by Larry O'Fresh May 08, 2011
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