What the idiots of westsyde consider either a sip, or the gross moose piss at the bottom of a beer
1. Give me a shwale of that drink
2. Only bitches dont drink their shwale
by Westsyde August 03, 2007
The melange of a sheep and a whale into a creature so beautiful and strong words fail to describe it.
Bob: Man, that girl is so beautiful and smart and amazing, who is she?
Joe: I don't know man, but I think she might be a shwale.
by sheepwhales April 24, 2011
The offspring of a male shark and a female whale, not to be confused with a whark, the offspring of a male whale and a female shark
That there ain't no whark. That's a shwale!
by waterboy01270 October 26, 2010

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