a whole shitload, usually used to describe illicit substances....or beer.
Wow! I didn't know you were gonna get a thousand pills. Dude thats a shwack of E man.
by chinesemaster8 July 26, 2006
Top Definition
to take a 3 to 10 second chug of hard liquor straight from the bottle in order to get significantly drunk extremely quickly.

less than three seconds is NOT a shwack.
dude, i remember taking a ten second shwack... and nothing else.
by buttholio_portfolio September 18, 2010
To kill a person
We have to shwack them before they shwack us
by Porkchop Actual October 10, 2014
A newbie whose presence has no purpose.
Regular hoodlum: Johnnie's such a shwack!
by Eugeni Varakin, Lucas Paulino August 23, 2009
Shwack is another way to say masturbate. My friend is named Shwack because he shwacks a lot.
i shwack two times in the morning, i shwack two times at night. I shwack two times in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright. I shwack two times in time of peice and two in time of war. I shwack to times before i shwack two times and then i shwack two more.
by Shwack September 18, 2005
When a someone jack's you off and sucks your dick at the same time
This hot chick shwacked on mines
by AcIdSaMa December 31, 2011
1. (n) The action of slapping someone in the face with one's calve

2. (v) To slap someone in the face with your calve

3. (interjection) The sound made by slapping someone in the face with your calve.
"That wasn't a smack. That was a.. a shwack!"

"If you don't shut up about your weird Wapanese bullshit, I swear I'm going to shwack you!"

"And then there was this load SHWACK as her leg slapped me in the face!"
by That One Snake August 04, 2009

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