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A nerd who can easily preform oral sex on himself.
Eric had no money to buy a whore so he shwabed himself all night.
by Harry Shwab March 06, 2004
Short for:

It refers to a person, especially a girl who is promiscuous, nymphomaniacal, and sluttish. Only relationships they have are Sex partners.
Boy 1:Dude, don't you think that girl is such a shwab?
Boy 2: Who cares? She gives a really good blowjob.
by Letscopulate March 11, 2009
when you graduate from giving yourself oral sex to giving yourself anal sex with your own penis.
wow! after he gave himself a shwab he felched himself too!
by told ya! March 06, 2004
A drunk who smokes pubes and thinks it's good shit.
Steve-O pulled a swhab on party boy.
by Harry Shwab March 06, 2004
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