Shuttlecock. (noun)

a. A NASA or outer-space program that has only men enlisted for the mission.

b. To engage in sexual activities whilst on a space shuttle, regardless of if it takes place shortly after take off, during the mission, or a few hours before re-entry.
a. They're totally shuttlecocking the next 2010 moon-landing mission.

b. I have to be up here for 3 months and I'll be damned if I don't get me some shuttlecock.
by WWIII August 20, 2008
Top Definition
This is a cock on the move. It takes the shuttle, to avoid nasty traffic.
Wow, look a that shuttle cock go; it just avoided alot of traffic.
by Nichole~ May 31, 2005
Its a "birdie" used in playing badmitten or however you spell it.
Dude, you lost our fucking shuttlecock.
by Boflex April 19, 2005
The Bidie played with in the game badminton.,..The greatest pun for T-shirts ever made! and your teacher/ principal cant ban it cuz it refers to a sport!
Suck my shuttlecock!
I love Shuttlecocks
by Hanna Sender March 02, 2005
The hairstyle of a man who has a bald spot, but still has long hair.
My friend, I know you want to rock, but the shuttlecock does not help. The long hair with the bald spot is like the see-saw shared by the obese man and the anorexic. It is unbalanced my friend, and not a very fun ride.
by Roadside Jesus April 07, 2008
When two naked men both straddle a bench in a shower and slide a bar of soap on the bench at each others cocks. The closest you get to not touching the other mans dick with the bar of soup is the winner.
Levi hit the tip of Evan's cock in a game of shuttle cock. Evan won the game.
by eyeary2 October 20, 2011
A way of wearing a shirt where only the very top button is done up. So called because the way the shirt resembles a badminton shuttlecock when worn in this fashion.
Did you see Conor? He shuttlecocked his shirt!
by Gaben69 April 15, 2011
1. projectile hit by rackets in badminton
2. A cock that is wide at the base but narrow at the top.
guy 1: "I took my pants off and she laughed at me"
guy 2: "well yeah dude, you have a total shuttlecock."
by shnoogan May 16, 2008
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