A shut down phrase usual directed to conor h
Conor h: hey guys
Everybody else in the room: SHUTTHEFUCKUP
by balla baby March 20, 2005
2. wat Conor h sayd when he is having a diabetic seizure
by balla baby March 20, 2005
phrase used to express shock or disbelief at something someone has said; similar to "get outta here" or "you're kidding me"
"Alex got a job making a hundred thousand dollars a year."

"Shut the fuck up! No way!"
by poetwarrior May 20, 2007
In chat it's used as STFU. the Real world it is used in many ways to shut people up. People who have been pissed off by a particular may constantly say this phrase. People will say the phrase for fun and people will laugh while the other person is in utter embaresment or they laugh as well.
(chat) Tod_is_1337: i t3h 0\/\/|\|5 j005!
Admin: stfu
Tod_is_1337: what the fuck does that mean?
Admin: noob....

(Pissed off) Dickhead: hahahaha!! you suck you suck you suck you suck! i fucked your mum! i fucked her good she squeeled like a..
The pissed off one: SHUT..THE FUCK...UP!!!

(Enjoyment) Daniel: hehe and then the blonde
Steven:Shut the fuck up...you suck

Crowd: <laughs>
by Masamune Date November 15, 2004
the words that is told to a person who talks about the stupidest shit...
Josh Cain Shut The FUCK Up!~
by Annie November 12, 2004
shut the fuck up...please
shut the fuck up...please...i did say please! Please Shut the Fuck UP! Goddamit...SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING CUNT!
by J September 08, 2003
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