the average-basic fifth grader "shut up", turns into a upgraded version normally to do with someone being very annoying or talking shit.
HAHAH you suck at c.o.d!
shut the fuck up before i take a shit on your face
by the grand warlock March 03, 2011
something calvin needs to do.
calvin = shutthefuckup. kthnkx
by creepyclit March 20, 2005
Said by Billy Costigan(Dicaprio) to Colin(Damon) in the movie "The Departed". To use this term correctly, you have to punch the person in the face brutally for each hyphon.
Costigan: Shut (punch) the (punch) fuck (punch) up!
Colin: *falls to knees* (panting)

by arockalypse December 23, 2008
A phrase you can use when you're thoroughly fed up and you want someone to stop talking. It works better than "Shut up".
I don't understand why I can't talk about your girlfriend in front of you. Bitch, shut the fuck up.
by SanMateo July 22, 2014
what you say when you're losing an argument or stuck talking to an idiot you dont want to waste your time talking to
asshole: blah blah blah
you: shut the fuck up
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 27, 2013
Example 1
Saying Shut The Fuck Up, but it comes out as ShutTheFuckUp.

Example 2
Swearing around your family and saying it as one word.

Example 3
Being innocent and not swearing properly, because you are a pussy.
Example 1
"ShutTheFuckUp Mario," Clare
"Shut up Clare !" Mario
"Shut up Mario!" Clare
"ShutTheFuckUp," Mario
"Asshole," Clare

Example 2
"You should put his on Urban dictionary!" Mario
"ShutTheFuckUp!" Clare
Mario laughs.
"I'm serious do it," Mario.
by Rawrmeow July 30, 2014
if you do not know what "shut the fuck up" means
it means, SHUT THE FUCK UP
Hey you .. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
by duniella December 23, 2010
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