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when a male shits in a females vagina then licks it out.
i gave ur mum a shussy.
by callum_iraq June 21, 2006
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It's what becomes of a girls Vagina when she doesn't wipe her ass after a gigantic-2girls1cup-like shit.
Guy: Man last night I was about to go all the way with my girlfriend but it smelled really bad.

Guy2: So, what did you do?

Guy: Well I asked her if she had farted or something, but she told me she was taking a shit when I was in front of her door and she didn't want to keep me waiting so she forgot to wipe her ass.

Guy2: Ewww, that's disgusting, what did you do afterwards?

Guy: I took off her pants and took a gigantic shit on her shussy and then kicked her out.
by asjkf December 21, 2007

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