**PRONOUNCED sh - oo - sh, NOT sh- uh - sh**

A shush is a really cute thing that is just so cute that you cannot even think of a word to use for it besides shush. There are currently two shushes that exist in the world, but it is not impossible to become a shush if one tries really hard and/or is cute enough. There is a song by The Gorillaz called "19-2000" that depicts the "Shush" lifestyle. Shushes have been known to speak in a baby-ish voice.
Girl #1: Your puppy is so cute!

Girl #2: Oh my gosh! I might even go as far as saying it is as cute as a shush...

(Shush walks in)
Shush: No...no one is cuter den da shushes...

Girl #1 and #2: Oh...
by m_toad527 August 31, 2010
Top Definition
used to tell someone to "be quiet" in a nice way other than to "shut up".
"would you please shush!"
by lisa May 08, 2003
when someone is being silly,
and you want them to shutup
strange boy: im gay
cool person: shush
by zoe zoe zoe zoe zoe March 13, 2009
Shush and or hush, means yes or you are accepting something.
"Do you want some ice cream?"
"Here ya' go!"
by AnonMoose February 19, 2012
to tell somebody to shut the fuck up come from the greek shusssh
would you like a childrens portion of shush?
by hermon March 08, 2005
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