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1. An individual with the smallest penis on the planet...so small in fact that scientists have often debated wheather or not he is in fact a male.

2. This guy that has sex with nasty women and think they're hot like this one girl with a snaggle tooth....
Guy 1: Hey man you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: You mean the girl that looks like a kirchberg?
Guy 1: Yeah, guess who hit that...Shurts
Guy 2: Aahhhh..that nasty small penis mutha fucka...
Guy 1: yup, and he's braggin' about it.
Guy 2: kid's nasty fo sho
by Mr. Pihb May 07, 2008
1) to injure, physically or emotionally with shit

2) shat upon
I can't go on. Thou hath shurt me.

Remember when I beaned you with that 90 mile an hour shitball; I bet that shurt.
by Harkonius November 10, 2009