A word that can be used to replace any word and mean almost anything on the planet. 
Domo: "Can you stop cheating"
Shard: "Uhh shurp"
Dom: "Did you shurp that girl yet nigga?"
Shard:"Shurp. Nigga can you stop asking me hella shurps."
by Shurpstar September 05, 2012
Top Definition
a burp that smells like shit
"What the hell did you eat? That was the grossest shurp I have ever smelled! Did you have beets and cottage cheese?"
by connorsji January 16, 2009
When you burp, but shit accidentally comes out.
Dude, during band today Stephen totally shurped into his bass clarinet. It was freaking nasty.
by G.L.O.C. July 18, 2009
A shit burp
After a dog has eaten feces, it comes in the house and burps on you - resulting in a shurp - a god-awful bodily function that smells worse than a normal dog fart or burp.
by Chop Piggy February 23, 2010
A large unexpected burp which causes you to shit at the same time.
That shurp just burned through my pants!
by 2quickmick February 19, 2009
the brief moment in time when one expels a large belch at the same time as completing and big relieving shit.

often gives the shurper a great feeling of relief and accomplishment
That shurp was amazing; felt better than sex.
by ecali March 08, 2010
To draw an excessive amount of air into the mouth, while having the right hand over the mouth at the same time
Ross did a shurp after I told him he has no friends!
by Kinkzor April 21, 2006
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