When you have the shits and hurl at the same time.
"I must have ate something bad today 'cause when i was taking a shower,my stomach was rockin',started to cramp and i puked so hard that i had the runs at the same time. So,i did a shurl today.
by Little GoGo Kitty January 21, 2009
Top Definition
to shit and vomit at the same time
I had the flu so bad, i shurled all over the toilet and floor.
by cmlyiknetl March 10, 2004
1) to shit and hurl at the same time, usually caused by eating some nasty ass, uncooked food that you shouldn't eat but tastes good anyways

2) To spew out of both ends
Lebron: Yo dawg where you been at
Daquan: Aw man i just got done shurling from them tacos I saved last week
by redspicywaffle June 04, 2015
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