Famous to small time rapper, Mr.Blak47, this word is used to describe injuring/killing someone for the soul purpose to show actual intent of keeping someone in line, to show them "you" are better then they are.
You better not "screw" with me or I'll straight shunt you!
by Devon Lindsay March 02, 2006
1.Slang for shitty cunt. The most likely situation is when a girl has sex with a guy who has recently had anal therefore giving her a shitty cunt or a shunt.
2. Slang for shaved cunt.
1. First I fucked her from behind then I gave her a shunt.
2. I only fuck girls with shunts.
by sweetandsexy March 29, 2006
A Shunt Is What You May Call Someone Who Is; Being Silly, Sexually Fustrated, An Employee At Hungry Jacks A.K.A Burger King Or Constantly Making A Fool Of Themselves In Public Situations!
Oh Mr. English You Shunt!
Damn That Shunty Ho Manager!
Alan, Stop Bein Such A Shunt, No I Will Not Have Sexual Intercourse With You!!!
by Muteress and Mutelator February 21, 2005
The revolting result of a girl's choice to whipe her ass from the front, dragging mad doo-doo across her cunt, which inevitably gets lodged in the folds, leaving doo-doo butter and the occasional peanut for unsuspecting guys to deal with.
After buying the chick like seven drinks, I get her home only to discover she was dragging a shunt around under that skirt all night--I did her anyway.
by Showers September 28, 2006
A shaved cunt.
I only fuck girls with shunts.
by PussyVagina January 28, 2004
It's slang for shit.
Oh man I had to take the biggest shunt ever. It smelled so bad that Steve died.
by Keesha Myas June 03, 2006
A homosexual, especially someone you wouldn't think was gay.
That kid's a shunt? I never would have guessed!
by Iamtherealmadrhetoric May 03, 2006
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