The revolting result of a girl's choice to whipe her ass from the front, dragging mad doo-doo across her cunt, which inevitably gets lodged in the folds, leaving doo-doo butter and the occasional peanut for unsuspecting guys to deal with.
After buying the chick like seven drinks, I get her home only to discover she was dragging a shunt around under that skirt all night--I did her anyway.
by Showers September 28, 2006
A girl who gets shunned by a group because she refused to give a guy her cunt.
"Look at Kat. On Friday night she ended up as ryans shunt, and now none of her friends will talk to her."
by dontblink August 08, 2014
The area between the shoulders and fanny bits when someone has put on so much weight there just isn't any definition left between the two areas.
She's been eating well recently and has developed quite a substantial shunt.
by DimitriValentinhyo May 29, 2014
This is a shit cunt, this will be used if a person, friend or foe is acting like a shit cunt.
The act of being a shunt (shit cunt) is similar to a dick head, and would be found next to dick head if there was an urbanthesaurus
"Barney did you just see that crash?"
"Yes I did Will... that guy was driving like a fucking shunt"
"I know, what a nob"
by Will Luke July 13, 2013
The act of hunting for a shag. Commonly referred to packs of 20-something girls.
"I'm going on the shunt tonight"
by Bill Sussman March 16, 2010
The word comes from the two base words SHIT and CUNT. When used together, it forms the beautiful, exquisite and most expressive swear word known to man: SHUNT.
Kerri, you're a straight up SHUNT!
by Jesus??? September 29, 2009
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